Sustainable Transport

At Eoin Gavin Transport, we are always looking for ways to minimize our environmental impact and to make a positive contribution towards sustainable transport.

Since the transportation industry involves the shipment of goods from one location to another, we understand that we have a responsibility to implement a green solution for our fleet by reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Transportation

Continued Investment in Fleet

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Vehicle emissions are a key talking point when it comes to environmental pollution and advances in technology in the transport industry and new vehicles are being developed with sustainability at the fore.

At Eoin Gavin Transport, we continue to invest in our Fleet and replace vehicles on a schedule to constantly keep up with new advances. All of our vehicles meet the very latest Euro 6 standards for exhaust emissions. Having Euro 6 vehicles allows us to continue our services in a more eco-friendly way and they are the best vehicles in their market with  a better carbon footprint, better fuel consumption, less noise  and less carbon emissions.

Efficient Route Planning

Efficient Load and Route planning by our team of planners using technology and experience to plan the most efficient load and routes continues to reduce carbon emissions. Efficient route planning, lowers mileage, maximise fuel efficiency, decrease carbon and CO2 emissions.

We use our satellite tracking capabilities in our vehicles to monitor fuel consumption and fuel efficiency and these measurements are used to claim European carbon credits to benefit the wider economy.

Eoin Gavin Transport - Transport Haulage

Eco-Combi Vehicle

The Green Network

In 2016, Eoin Gavin Transport teamed up with Dennison Trailers, Kildare to design an Eco-Combi unit to trial on the Irish Motorway Network.

The Eco-Combi Trailer Unit is a 7.7 metres curtainsider link trailer with a standard 13.6-metre double deck curtain, and the combined units give a total deck loading length of 34.5m.

This pioneering Eco Combi Unit, the first of its kind in Ireland has been a great success and environmental benefits are significant to support the movement of volume freight and flexibility in load management. There is one vehicle, one engine, one driver with greater loading capacity, which has reduced the carbon footprint of each load by 30%. 

The Pallet Network – Green Network

Being a member of the Pallet Network (TPN) has allowed our team to further contribute to making a positive contribute towards sustainable transport by reducing our energy consumption.

With TPN, all the articulated trucks carrying goods between the hub and the depots around Ireland are moving at night, when the roads are less congested. This allows us to use less diesel and pollute less than conventional transport systems.

The Green Network has allowed for less vehicles to transport the same amount of freight on the road due to members operating with others within the industry. This has also contributed to less congestion on the roads, and therefore reduces fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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