Warehousing & Storage Facility

At Eoin Gavin Transport, we provide Warehousing and Storage Facilities for our customers. When you are in need of varied storage options to meet your product requirements, Eoin Gavin Transport is on hand to provide solutions to suit your needs.

We provide storage options, manage freight and can provide short or long-term storage solutions customised to your requirements. We can offer a bonded storage option where freight can be stored whilst awaiting Customs examination and clearance, where goods are held until such time as duty due is paid.  We also offer a Non Bonded Storage facility with security 24×7, modern storage facilities and IT systems.  

bonded warehousing and Storage - Eoin Gavin Transport

Storage & Distribution

Goods needs to move by road to and from a storage facility.  With our modern fleet of trucks, we can provide end-to-end services including transport, storage and final distribution.    We can collect your goods anywhere in Ireland or across Europe or arrange importation from around the globe.   We can then arrange storage until you needs your good delivered to your premises or to your final point of sale.  We can provide national palletised distribution, parts loads or full loads customised to meet your needs.

Why Choose Eoin Gavin Transport?

Eoin Gavin Transport - pallets service

When you choose Eoin Gavin Transport for your warehouse needs, you are guaranteed a quality service. We can provide you with a secure location where goods and can be stored prior to importation / exportation or national distribution.   In addition to our Warehousing services, we also provide a wide range of services including a Customs Clearance Service and the transportation of Full Loads and Part Loads.   Our fantastic customer service team, our drivers and our warehouse staff are on hand to ensure that your transportation requirements are met in an efficient and timely manner.

For more information or to discuss our transportation services, get in touch with Eoin Gavin Transport today.

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